Coaching Skills for Leaders

Grow More Coach Model

Being a Leader and a Coach

Equipping Leaders and Managers with Meaningful Coaching Skills

Coaching, today, is seen as one of the most effective way to increase one’s performance in any area of life.

It has been found that Leaders/Managers who use coaching skills in their day to day operations with their employees/team, get more work done and have happier, motivated teams.

This program is designed to equip leaders and managers with coaching skills that can be used in their day to day life. By attending this program, participants will learn basics of coaching, its importance, Results coaching brings to individuals as well as organisations, skills and qualities of a coach.

Participants will be exposed to Grow More Coach model and a coaching tool. As a result, they will be able to coach others to help them become better and be more productive. They will also learn how to apply the learnings in their daily conversations with themselves and the stakeholders at work as well as at home.

Participants will also learn how to reap the benefits of coaching for self by learning a Life Changing Self-Coaching tool.

Program Content

The program will broadly cover the following topics

  • What is Coaching?

  • Coaching the Self

  • Coaching Conversations

  • Listening and Questioning

  • Qualities of a Masterful Coach

  • Grow More Coach Model

  • Practice – lots of

  • Why Coaching? – Business case for Coaching

  • Difference between Coaching, Training, Mentoring etc

  • How of Coaching – Learn and Practice Coaching Tool One

  • Coach Approach – Using Coaching in Day-to-Day Life

  • Know when to mentor and when to coach

  • Powerful, Probing and Response Eliciting questions

This is one program which focuses on helping participants learn through practice. Each participant is made to practice various skills and tools that are shared.

Content of the program is structured around ICF (International Coach Federation) Core Coaching Competencies and is part of the ICF approved Grow More Coach Model coach certification program.


Who Should Attend

Organizations can reap benefits of coaching by imparting coaching skills to their employees who manage teams. This would in turn result in improved performance and happier employees. This program is designed for:

Grow More Coach Model

Participant Take-Away

  • Learn about various aspects of coaching, like what it is
  • Why it is important and how it can be used to benefit individuals, teams and orgnisations.
  • Learn a powerful coaching tool.
  • Imbibe Grow More Coaching Model Structure.
  • Know how to professionally coach individuals and team members.
  • Tools to run professional coaching sessions.
  • Orient self to be able to use Coaching skills in day to day life.
  • Be empowered with Life Changers- a powerful self coaching tool

About The Master Facilitator

Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet is a Master Certified Coach (MCC-ICF), Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, the developer and the lead trainer of the Grow More Coach Model program. He is one of the Marshall Goldsmith’s MG25-India Coaches. He has trained 450+ professionals to get certified as Grow More Coaches, equipped 1000s of managers and leaders with coaching skills and empowered 100s of people by coaching them to achieve their desired objectives. Know more about Inderjeet Singh here.

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Program Structure

This program is presently offered in form of an inhouse training program of 2/3 days.

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