Group Coaching Certification

Grow More Coach Model

Group Coaching Program

Expand Your Coaching Competencies for Coaching Groups and Teams

After having learned and mastered the art of coaching people one on one, it may be time to learn how to coach people in groups. For existing coaches, it can be another offering for their clients.

Coaching a group or a team is very different from coaching individuals.This program teaches you tools and techniques of coaching groups in line with ICF competencies.It touches upon the step by step process, required skills, dynamics of groups, do’s and don’ts, collective wisdom and consciousness etc.

Program Content

It comprises of various sections created to give astructured approach to learning various aspects of group coaching.

Structured Approach to Learning Various Aspects of Group Coaching

  • What is Group Coaching

  • Essentials of Group Coaching

  • Qualities of a Group Coach

  • Grow More Coach Model

  • Group Coaching Tools

  • The Process of Coaching the Groups

  • More Coaching Tools & Tips

  • Practice
    Lots of

  • Using Coaching with Your Teams

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is into one on one coaching and wants to learn how to coach 2 or more people together.

About The Master Facilitator

Inderjeet Singh

Inderjeet is a Master Certified Coach (MCC-ICF), Marshall Goldsmith Certified Coach, the developer and the lead trainer of the Grow More Coach Model program. He is one of the Marshall Goldsmith’s MG25-India Coaches. He has trained 450+ professionals to get certified as Grow More Coaches, equipped 1000s of managers and leaders with coaching skills and empowered 100s of people by coaching them to achieve their desired objectives. Know more about Inderjeet Singh here.

Program Structure

The program comprises of 2 days class room training with lots of coaching practice sessions for those who have attended the 80hrs Grow More Coach Model program. For the coaches who have learned coaching from elsewhere, the program is 3 days of classroom training. Day 1 in this case focuses on Grow More Coach Model- its design, structure, practice and content.

Program Details

Price: 1200 USD
2 days/3days
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM (Includes Lunch & Tea Breaks).
Registration: To sign up and/or know more, please write to us at

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