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GrowMore Coach100 Program

The more we experience Coaching – as a Coach and a Coachee – better we become at Coaching

Grow More Coach100 is an initiative to support Grow More Coaches to actively Coach and get Coached. It is open to all the Grow More Coaches who are actively engaged in deepening their coaching skills by practicing and pursuing their ICF ACC Credential.

Grow More Coach100 program is run with an intent to bring the following results:

Quantitative Objectives

  • Accumulate Coaching hours

    The amount of time spent coaching can be logged as paid Coaching hours and can be used towards earning ICF credentials – ACC, PCC and MCC.

  • Business Generation

    Grow More Coach 100 is an active community and networking within the group has proved to be beneficial to the Coaches in gaining business through referrals.

Qualitative Objectives

  • Mastery of Coaching Skills

    Coaching with buddies is a great platform to experiment and play as a Coach. Coaches get to experience and learn from a variety of Coaches in a safe non-judgemental community.

  • Gain Confidence as a Coach

    Practicing Coaching with buddies involves receiving valuable feedback which helps Coaches become better in their Coaching skills and gain confidence.

  • Work on Goals and Objectives

    Participation in Grow More Coach 100 is a powerful opportunity to work on your goals and objectives as you will be getting Coached extensively.